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ProfitWorks is a consulting firm that helps healthcare practices expand and achieve business success. Find out more about our expertise and approach on our About Us page.

About ProfitWorks

With his expertise in dental practice and business management, Dr. Mayer Alaridi leads ProfitWorks with a vision to help healthcare practices grow.

Dr. Mayer Alaridi

Dental Consulting Expert

From Dental Expert to Business Leader, Pioneering Healthcare Leadership

Dr. Mayer’s journey from a dedicated dentist to a forward-thinking business leader encapsulates his passion for patient care and innovative business strategies. His education at Damascus University laid the groundwork for his extensive career in healthcare. He further solidified his credentials with an MBA from SVU.

His experiences range from caring for patients in Syria to managing a major clinic in Dubai. With these experiences, he brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and business acumen to ProfitWorks. Now based in Perth, he is focused on guiding dental practices towards greater success through tailored financial planning.

His leadership is deeply rooted in understanding the challenges and opportunities within healthcare. He ensures that every strategy not only meets but also exceeds the needs of those it serves. Dr. Mayer’s approach is all about creating sustainable growth, driven by genuine care for both his clients and their patients.

Our Core Values That Shape Our Vision

ProfitWorks is built on foundational values of integrity, teamwork, and a profound commitment to our clients’ success.

Integrity and Accountability

Commitment to transparency, honesty, and ethical practices in all interactions

Collaborative Excellence

Emphasising teamwork, respect, and sustainable results for growth and success

Client-Focused Expertise

Industry expertise and dedication that ensure successful, client-specific outcomes

Our Collaboration and Success Partners

At ProfitWorks, we pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with industry-leading companies. Our collaboration drives mutual success, broadening our capabilities to deliver expert professional advice.

The Ideal Dental Practice

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At ProfitWorks, we deliver professional advice and actionable solutions to boost efficiency and growth in dental and other healthcare practices. Our professional guidance helps you navigate healthcare operations, ensuring strategic support for your business goals. With a focus on actionable outcomes, we help streamline your processes for maximum efficiency.

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